3 inspirations to adopt the trend of the long and ample blazer

3 inspirations to adopt the trend of the long and ample blazer

After the boyfriend jeans and the larger shirt, here our jackets are lengthening and are also doing the way “borrowed from the boyfriend”, long and ample version.

Although the blazer is already longer and upright for some seasons, fashionistas are pushing the note and adopt oversized styles, shoulders, single or double buttoned, cut in fabrics reminiscent of a British men’s wardrobe.

In terms of silhouette, this tendency to flavor 80s may seem difficult to wear at first, because it is off the beaten track. A few tips:

  • To emphasize the size, you can simply add a belt on the jacket or opt for a double-breasted model that follows more closely the line of the body.
  • Wide masculine styles can be paired with more fitted outfits or ultra feminine pieces to play the contrasts.
  • Blazers with more classic proportions are always in order, but they are a bit bigger and longer than too much bent and cut short: why not try one size more than your usual size?
  • If you are rather small (5’4 “and under), be careful not to overweight the silhouette with thick and very long blazers. Choose lighter fabrics (cold wool for example rather than felt or tweed) and make sure you have a maximum length just below the buttocks.

To illustrate, here are 3 inspirations to adopt the trend of the long blazer:

1- In business suit

A classic way to adopt the trend by focusing on the combination pants and jacket. The new proportions add a daring and modern touch to the traditional tailor.

2- Urban style

Amalgamate ample jacket and jeans for a sport chic look simple and trendy. Whether with skinny and waders or short straight leg jeans and booties, the combination is perfect for city outings.

3- Mix of genres

The loose jacket is perfect on a dress, playing the masculine / feminine contrasts.