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Posted by: Sarah
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May some of you know that I'm active in the field of androgenetic hair loss. I did a small study to find the right intake schedule of dutasteride in order to treat androgenetic hair loss while side effects should be as low as possible.
I compared two groups with 10 patients each. All participants have taken finasteride (1mg per day) before and had to stop the intake 1 month before the start of the study and all participants were between 18 and 35 in age.

The first group received one dutasteride capsule per week (every Monday). The second group received two dutasteride capsules per week (every Monday and Thursday). The whole study ran between the 01.05.2015 to the 30.04.2016 the results were as follows.

Group 1

3 of 10 noticed that dutasteride could reduce their hair loss same as finasteride does before. All of them were 30 or older.
7 of 10 noticed that the effect of dutasteride was weaker in reducing their hair loss as finasteride does before.
None of the participants noticed any side effects.

Group 2

5 of 10 noticed that dutasteride could reduce their hair loss better as finasteride does before. This conclusion bases on that fact that a hair regrow was noticed on the forehead. All of them were 18 to 27 in age.
5 of 10 noticed that dutasteride could reduce their hair loss same as finasteride does before. All of them were 27 or older.
None of the participants noticed any side effects.


Against the common opinion that finasteride (1mg per day) is the one and only compound to treat androgenetic alopecia, it seems that dutasteride is much more potent. Even 0.5mg of dutasteride per week seems to be enough for older patients to get the same effect as finasteride does. Especially for younger patients, it seems better to take 2 capsules to archive a stop of hair loss and a slightly regrow. For me as a pharmacist, these results are not so surprising due dutasteride block Type-1 (which affects the hair located on the forehead) and Type-2 of dihydrotestosterone while finasteride just blocks Type-2 (which affects the hair located on the scalp). It is not possible for me to make a purchase recommendation but dutasteride seems to be a better approach. For other experiences, reviews made by other patients and prices for offers, this website seems to me very suitable.

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Posted by: Sarah
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It is striking how many supplements are there, do not work or contain ingredients that are not good for you. Unfortunately, consumers continue to buy them because they are not well-informed. They assume that if a supplement is good for them, and they try to get healthier. If you are looking for products to increase energy for workouts, you need to know the facts.
Armed with the right information, you can feel good about their purchases. They do not want to regret the decision in the end. You do not want to try a product, and discover it does not work, then try again. I should not be a game game!

Quality counts

Always take the time to check before training complements before you buy anything. You need to know about the ingredients and what they offer. If there are ingredients in products that do not recognize see in them. Do not put anything in your body when you know exactly what it is and what it provides.
It will cost more to get good pre workout supplements quality. However, if you just buy it by chance, you are in danger that the product will not work for you. If you intend to use such products, go the distance and make a wise investment. It has about the return on this investment and not the cost of the product.
It may surprise you to learn many of the best job to offer before the workouts are not so expensive. In fact, many consumers are paying too much for the products they use. It is apparent that the higher costs justified for what they appreciate. Actually, they are not getting a better product. However, the manufacturer is making a bigger profit for every item sold.

Listen to others

Do yourself a favor and hear much more than the marketing efforts of the company. Anyone can make a great sound product. Anyone can create a website or package that attracts your attention. Do not let your emotions make the decision for you when it comes to making workout supplements.
Instead, read the reviews of other people who have tried these supplements. Identify the pros and cons of the speakers. Listen to the results from a particular product or disappointment they get experienced. Such reviews are honest, detailed, and give you a good picture of what a product can do and not for you. This can help you narrow your choice.

Company reputation

Either not to overlook the reputation of the company. You do not want to buy supplements from anyone before the workout. You must be sure to create premium products with the premium products. You will need to compare the rates to get you a reasonable charge for what they offer.
When you buy online, do you have a secure website? You do not want to compromise your personal information if a lot of a purchase through the internet. How fast to send the product to you? If you want the surcharge fast, do you charge more? Is there a way to track the shipment so that you know when it will come?
All this can be viewed online when an investigation is performed. This reduces the risk that you are not satisfied with the pre-workout supplements that you have purchased. You want to have products that will help you have more energy, help you challenge your body with the tough workouts and keep you motivated, do not give up.
We would like to be able to provide supplements with your fitness goals and their desire to help to be generally healthier. We recognize that it can be difficult to do everything on your own. We also know that there are many products out there that do not work. We are proud to offer only products that have been fully tested. We also use the best ingredients to bring a product line that can help you get the results you want.

24/10: Night Diet

Category: Weight Loss
Posted by: Sarah
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As a pharmacist, I'm selling a lot of so called slimming-pills. The patients take them between one to three months and lose weight. Unfortunately, a slimming pill is not a permanent solution which results in a re-increase in weight after the patients stop to take the medicine. Thanks to the evolution a human body is able to survive a period up to 4 weeks without any food. But as everybody knows this isn’t a solution as well.

Myself gained about 5 kilograms of weight during the past years (increase in age results often in an increase of weight as well) and I always wanted to shrink them back. Now I tried my so called 'Night Diet' by eating just so much food to push back the well known 'feeling hungry' state till I sleep. During the night, the body begins to starve till the next morning. On this way, I was able to save 600 kilocalories in per night but this figure depends on several other factors like gender, weight, height, muscles.

Long story short I lost by 5 kilograms after 3 months without any nutritional change, slimming-pills, exercise or other stuff. One important thing which should be considered is what kind of food can be used for such approach.

The food should feed-up while having low carbonate, fat, and sugar. To be honest, I took the pure carbonated banana but it has only about 100 kilocalories which is low. So while I did this Diet (till today) I eat just one banana for dinner. Alternatively, it could be an apple or pear, the main goal is to push the hunger away till you fall asleep.

16/10: 1st Post

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Posted by: Sarah
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this is my personal blog. I will publish health related stuff like studies to treat obesity and male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia.